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7 May 2020
Brokerage Event: boosting technology transfer in Central Europe

While Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) has a global reach and is transversal to all technology domains, KETGATE focuses on Central Europe and on a group of technologies called key enabling technologies (KET). Nonetheless, both networks share the vision of creating new transnational opportunities for both SMEs and RTOs.


KETGATE is a technology transfer network with the mission to mitigate the regional disparities related to how Central European SMEs access the knowledge developed by RTOs in the field of KET (refer to Who should attend? for clarification).

Such RTOs are not always located in the nearby. Thus, transnational contacts need to be established to make possible the implementation of a specific KET under development far away from an SME which could make use of it in order to remain competitive in the global market.

To that end, KETGATE network deployed a group of KETGATE Points distributed all over Central Europe each of which, has the duty to act as a bridge among SMEs and RTOs located in different corners of the region.

Visit our website and let yourself be inspired by how our network is impacting the technology transfer landscape in Central Europe!

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

EEN is the world’s largest support network for SMEs, helping them innovate and grow on an international scale. The network is active in more than 60 countries worldwide. It brings together 3.000 experts from more than 600 member organizations playing the role of business and technology brokers and supporting the establishment of transitional innovative collaborations among SMEs and between SMEs and research centers.

Among its 600 member organizations the following can be counted:

  • Technology Poles
  • Innovation Support Organizations
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Regional Development Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry
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Closed since 4 May 2020

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Austria 11
Belgium 5
Croatia 18
Czech Republic 8
Germany 18
Greece 1
Hungary 110
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Italy 78
Japan 1
Lithuania 1
North Macedonia 6
Malta 1
Netherlands 1
Poland 22
Romania 3
Serbia 2
Slovakia 9
Slovenia 12
Spain 3
Turkey 2
United States 1
Total 315


Start-up 31
Company 152
University 29
R&D Institution 37
Association/Agency 26
Authority/Government 13
Other 27
Total 315