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7 May 2020
Brokerage Event: boosting technology transfer in Central Europe

Brokerage event: boosting technology transfer in Central Europe

May 7, 2020 from 10:00 to 17:00.
The event takes place in a 100% virtual environment where you can safely have your meetings with Central European SMEs and RTOs

On occasion of the official launch of the KETGATE Network, which consists of a Webinar and a Press Conference, we invite all small- & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research & technology organizations (RTOs) looking for the right research and/or industry partner to explore cooperation opportunities.

The goal of KETGATE is simple, we want to help businesses reach science and we want to help science reach businesses. This way, businesses can gain competitiveness or even enter into new markets while RTOs can generate revenue (be it financial, academic prestige, or research-related) from the knowledge they possess.

To that end, KETGATE and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) have joined forces to organize this completely virtual brokerage event. The idea is that SMEs and RTOs get together to work out cooperation agreements.

Different sessions of pre-arranged meetings will take place, where SMEs and RTOs representatives have 30 minutes to introduce themselves and discuss technology transfer opportunities in a field related to key enabling technologies.

Have a look at our agenda and learn in three easy steps on how to pre-arrange your meetings for the event.

Register and start boosting technology transfer in Central Europe!

The event is part of the KETGATE project activities and it is organised in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network.


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Austria 11
Belgium 5
Croatia 18
Czech Republic 8
Germany 18
Greece 1
Hungary 110
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Italy 78
Japan 1
Lithuania 1
North Macedonia 6
Malta 1
Netherlands 1
Poland 22
Romania 3
Serbia 2
Slovakia 9
Slovenia 12
Spain 3
Turkey 2
United States 1
Total 315


Start-up 31
Company 152
University 29
R&D Institution 37
Association/Agency 26
Authority/Government 13
Other 27
Total 315